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Syder Skyping.

Skype Call ☎ Faberrylynn
Rachel: *She leaned into Quinn's touch and giggled as soon as she felt moist lips touch her nose, angling her head upwards just the slightest bit so that she could press another kiss back onto Quinn's lips.* Hi. *The girl grinned into the kiss and eventually turned to Ryder on the screen, her eyelids half-closed due to the fact that she was enjoying being so close to her girlfriend.* So, how's the city been for you? Oh, and how's Brittany? I haven't spoken to her in awhile.
Quinn: Hi back. *It was clear that she was clearly smitten with the girl in her arms. When Rachel turned away from her, Quinn didn't immediately turn back to look at their friend, instead choosing to press her forehead and nose against the side of Rachel's head and sigh contentedly. For now she was just happy to listen to what was going on in his life as she sat and basked in the glow of her new happy relationship.
Ryder: *Ryder ducked his head down, torn between laughing at the two of them again and not wanting to interrupt their intimate moment.* Home's good, you know? It's always nice to see my mom... It would be nicer if all the water weren't frozen, but that's winter for you. Britt's good, yeah - she told me to say hi if I talked to you guys. Think she's hitting the road again soon to do the medic thing some more. *He drummed his fingertips along his desk.* So what have you two been up to? Apart from each other? *He stuck his tongue out at them, teasing.*


Perfect Glee Cast on FOX Winter TCA Press Tour party.

Skype Call ☎ Faberrylynn
Rachel: *She shook her head at Quinn's response, biting her lower lip as soon as she felt the other girl nuzzle closer to her and press a kiss to her neck. She wrapped an arm around her girlfriend and twisted in her seat so that she could kiss at Quinn's forehead from where the girl was resting her head on Rachel's own shoulder.* Mm, busy. Aww, thanks, Ryder! *Rachel laughed gleefully, unable to resist nudging Quinn's chin upwards with her shoulder so that she could surge forwards to place a chaste kiss onto her lips.* Sorry. *She murmured sheepishly before chuckling at Ryder's comment* We can't make any promises, Ry.
Quinn: *She laughed heartily, her arms only tightening around her girlfriend.* "Agreed." *She mumbled, connecting their lips again before pulling away and kissing Rachel gently on the nose.* I'll try my best though, but you can imagine that after being in love with this one for several months it's hard to keep my hands off her now that I know that for some crazy reason, she wants me. So sorry, but I'm not sorry. *If there was one thing Quinn would never be sorry for, it was her feelings for the girl she was currently sat on.*
Ryder: *He ducked his eyes, laughing at them again and keeping the smile on his own face, even if he was a little bit sad. He remembered what it felt like to be that happy and excited about something - some /one/ - but he would never want to take away from their happiness.* Months, huh? I seem to remember someone getting cranky at me when I asked her about that... *He teased Quinn lightly, glad that she was finally able to admit how she felt about Rachel. He really couldn't think of two people who meant more to him than they did at this point, aside from his mom and... He didn't think he would actually get tired of seeing how right they seemed for each other.*
Skype Call ☎ Faberrylynn
Rachel: *Rachel took notice of the distinct sound of the other boy laughing at them quietly as Quinn took her hand, just grinning up at the other girl as she leaned over to nod and whisper.* Tell him! *in a ridiculous stage-voice.* Our holiday has been pretty... awesome, hasn't it? * She sighed happily and nibbled at her lower lip, the grin stretching on her face almost impossible to erase.*
Quinn: * It was clear that Ryder already knew that something was going on but was just teasing them and seeing if they were going to tell him* You tell him. *She smirked and buried her head in Rachel's neck so that she was partially hidden by her girlfriend's long brown hair, and pressed a kiss to the soft skin she found there.* I'm...uhh...busy. * Pulling away reluctantly she rested her head on Rachel's shoulder and sighed contently.* We uhm...there's a chance that Rachel and I may be more than friends.
Ryder: *If Ryder had barely been able to suppress a chuckle before, he was definitely laughing at the two of them now. It was nice, to see them this happy, especially after everything the two of them had been through since he'd met them.* No, really? *His tone was sarcastic but still warm as he rolled his eyes at Quinn's statement, lips spread in a wide smile.* That's awesome, guys! Seriously, you two are sort of perfect for each other. Although I hope I don't have to watch you make out the whole time if I come to Cinnabar...
Skype Call ☎ Faberrylynn
Rachel: *The woman giggled as soon as she found her lover perched on her lap, her eyes locking with Quinn's when the other girl chewed on the cookie, almost deliberately brushing her bottom lip against her finger. She reluctantly dragged her eyes away from her girlfriend but felt happiness rush through her at the sight of her close friend's presence gracing the screen.* Ryder! We're wonderful, and I - I think it's amazing to see you again! How've you been? Magnificent? Spectacular? I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Ry!
Quinn: "Quinn was amused by the reluctant flicker she saw in Rachel's eyes as her girlfriend turned to face their friend. As it turned out, making Rachel blush or working her up turned out to be one of her favorite pastimes even after they'd gotten together, only now she had more methods at her disposal.* Ryder! It's uhh great actually. How about you? *To say she was excited to see her friend was an understatement, but Quinn was also a little too distracted by the overwhelming need to kiss her girlfriend because Rachel was currently once again being the epitome of adorable, in her eyes. Instead she laced their hands together and sighed contentedly at how well they fit together.*
Ryder: *Ryder found himself chuckling at the two girls on his screen, not sure whether he was more amused by the glances they kept sharing or at the fact that Rachel still managed to be so very much her rambly self, even when she had Quinn in her lap and their fingers were tangled together.* I can see that. *Ryder's tone was teasing, and the smile on his face showed that he was happy for them.* I've been decorating with Brittany, and ice skating, and taking care of the crazy mons... But it looks like my holiday hasn't been quite as awesome as yours has. *He looks at them expectantly, wondering if they're going to tell him what's going on on their own or if he has to ask.*
Skype Call ☎ Faberrylynn
Rachel: *The girl fixed her hair up a little bit as she settled herself in a chair in the house that they were staying at in Cinnabar. She tugged her girlfriend along with her as she lifted the screen of the laptop that she was about to call Ryder on. They had gotten together merely seven days ago but had neglected to tell the man who was arguably their closest friend until now, for some inane reason. With a little grin, she snapped one of the gingerbread cookies in half and repeated the action so that she could hold the cookie up to Quinn's lips in an obnoxiously cheesy gesture, motioning for the girl to bite at it. With her other hand, she clicked on the button that would start a video call to Ryder, the brunette tilting her head to the side so that she could look at the computer monitor.*
Quinn: *Quinn rolled her eyes playfully as she was tugged towards the laptop, happily sitting in Rachel's lap, even though there was another chair right next to her girlfriend. But it was a good summary of how things had been for the past few days. They were inseparable and could barely keep their hands off each other. Which was why this call was so important to her. Ryder was family and she wanted him to be one of the first people that knew, other than their parents of course. Her gaze focused on the cookie that Rachel was trying to feed her and Quinn smirked as she moved to take the cookie with her mouth, purposely grazing Rachel's fingers with her lower lip, just as the call seemed to connect and Ryder's face appeared on the screen.*
Ryder: *Ryder had been staring at the clock on and off all afternoon, not wanting to miss the call from Quinn and Rachel. His team had noticed his preoccupation and had given up on their afternoon training session, so he was settled into his desk chair, stuffing a piece of leftover Christmas pie in his face when he heard the familiar Skype tone starting to chime. Worried that he'd miss them, he hit the answer button as he tried to chew and swallow down the rest of the large bite he'd taken, grinning sheepishly as the two familiar faces appeared on the screen - awfully close together. He barely quirked an eyebrow at the two of them, though, too excited to get to talk to them to ask any questions.* Hey guys! How's it going?


Merry Christmas, Ryder!

By now, I assume that you’ve received Quinn’s gifts to you, and hope that you absolutely adore your newest egg, Mr. Lynn! As I wasn’t exactly sure what it was that I wanted to get for you, I decided that since water-type Pokémon seem to be the way into your heart I would get you…

A Squirtle hoodie! I remember that you absolutely loved Sam’s Lucks and I suppose I wanted to give you a little blast from the past. I hope you have a wonderful day, darling.


Rachel Barbra Berry ★ 

Merry Christmas!



Dear Bacon Prince,

Merry Christmas, Ryder. It feels weird to think that we’ve  been friends for less than a year, but in such a short space amount of time you’ve become one of the most important people in my life. 

You’re one of my best friends and more than that, you’re my family. It’s barely been two weeks but I miss you so much already. So…I think you should come to Cinnabar for New Years Eve. We’re here already and I can guarantee you’ll love it here. Let me know and I’ll send Bacon to come and pick you up.

All my love,

Quinn (Your Bacon Queen)

P.S. Before you ask, the egg is a Totodile egg. An old friend of mine had one and I asked him to breed it.